The Bates Ski Team was founded in the mid 1950's by a small group of avid skiers who wished to race other teams from the surrounding areas. At first, this group was completely unfunded and undersupported, probably leading many to believe the team would soon dissolve into thin air. However, the love of the sport carried the team on to grow, develop, and improve. Though it's beginnings were humble, the team has since become a legitimate force in NCAA All-Divisions Skiing in both the Nordic and Alpine disciplines.

The athletic facilities for the ski team are among the finest in the nation. The home venues are Black Mountain Resort in Rumford, ME and Sunday River Resort in Newry, ME for the Nordic and Alpine teams respectively. Both areas are located approximately 1-1.25 hours from campus and are visited on a daily basis by the athletes during the winter months.

Please make use of this website to follow our team and individual results over the course of the season. We will try to update it with news, photos, and video, along with other entertaining material we think you might appreciate. Enjoy, wish us luck, and stay in touch.

-The Bates Ski Team